works for fixed media

peripheries       2014-16
fixed media 8-channel  
first performance of pieces nr. 2, 3, 5: February 11th 2015, Espace Senghor, Bruxelles
series "musiques & recherches"
first performance whole work: December 2nd 2016, Alte Schmiede Wien

Brandung III       2011
tape music stereo  18 min.
first performance: December 10th 2011, Technical University Vienna, Kuppelsaal

music for the play "Was haengt das Leben tief wie Nebel ueberm Kukuruz" 
by E.M. Binder             2010
tape music stereo 
first performance: February 19th 2010, dramagraz Austria

music for the reading performance "Herzzeit"        2010
correspondence between Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan 
tape music stereo, 9 titles 
33 min. 
first performance: October 19th 2010 Aargauer Literaturhaus Lenzburg, Switzerland 
actors: Miriam Japp, Ursula Mihelic 

solo 2                2010
tape stereo    5 min.
first performance: echoraum Vienna 2010

Erscheinungsbilder         2007 
music for radioplay, text by Julian Schutting 
39 min.
first broadcast: October 23rd 2007, Austrian radio OE 1

strange loops             1999
tape-composition mono 
5.30 min.
text by Brigitta Falkner 
first performance: December 3rd 1999, Kulturzentrum Minoriten Graz Austria

kinema             1997
tape-composition mono
8.30 min. 
comissioned by Oliver Strametz 
first performance: March 3rd 1997  Innsbruck "Galerie im Andechshof" during the sculpture-exhibition of Oliver Strametz, , Austria 
further performances: September 19th 1997, Graz Schloßberg Kanonenbastei Austria

Brandung II             1996
tape-composition stereo 
16 min.
first performance: July 5th 1996 Allentsteig Festival "Absolute Musik" Austria 
further performances:Graz, Austria Schloßberg Kanonenbastei 1997, conservatory Zürich, Switzerland 2000 
released on CD "Brandung I/II", KalK CD 02, 1996

Brandung I         1992
tape-composition stereo     7 min.
performances: Bogota Festival Internacional de Musica Contemporanea, Vienna Alte Schmiede, Graz "electronic access", Sofia "Musica Nova", Crest Festival "Futura", Bratislava Festival "Beecamp" 1995 
released on CD "Brandung I/II", KalK CD 02, 1996 

David und Goliath         1992
tape-composition stereo, radio play           5.30 min.
first performance: 1992, Vienna, Institute for Electroacoustic Music, Univ. for Music and Performing Arts 

Gestentanz             1992
tape-composition mono       10 min.
comissioned for the dance-performance "Und Jetzt" by Willi Dorner 
first performance: June 18th 1992, Kuenstlerhaus Vienna 

Bardo I-VI             1991
six tape-compositions 4-channel         25 min.
first performance: January 11th 1992 Jesuitenkirche Aschaffenburg Germany on the occasion of an exhibiton by Ralf Münz 
further performances: Budapest Hungarian radio, Festival "Absolute Musik" 1994 Linz, Austria
partly released on CD GEM 9701, elektronischer Fruehling, electroacoustic music from austria 1992-96 

Durchgänge             1991
composition for two stereo tapes running simultaneously    18 min.
first performance: 1991, Institute for Electroacoustic Music, Univ. for Music and Performing Arts Vienna
further performances: July 1995, Alte Schmiede Vienna

Neun Nonnen             1991
tape-composition stereo     7 min.
first performance: 1991, Institute for Electroacoustic Music, Univ. for Music and Performing Arts Vienna
further performances: 1994 forum stadtpark, Graz Austria

Bach                 1989
tape-composition stereo      20 min.
in collaboration with Elisabeth Schimana 
released on LP "dot", LC 8202, 1989