concert trouve

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ECHORAUM • fotos: by Werner Korn

review by TJ Norris, Vital Weekly 365 released by Staalplaat, the Netherlands (March 2003): 
Piano ala future days. Surely a decendent of John Cage, Katharina Klement has a stunning view of the instrument. Studying in Graz and Vienna she has released a studio recording of 12 tracks at just over one hour that is like a treasure trove of experimental playing. Her four-piece includes e-guitarist Armin Pokorn, and engineers Geari Schreilechner and Florian Prix. They work as a unit on all aspects of Concért Trouvé bringing about electro-acoustic passages just off center. Recorded in 2000 this disc is just starting to make the rounds. Made with an assortment of found objects, tubes and other materials these improvised compositions have a weight based in curiosity and tonality. The happenstance of object vs. instrument questions the making of the final product as noise, as opposed to music, which equals a balance of white noise, harmony and all extras. By fusing analogue with electronic technologies the blur is passionately made here. At times eerie, the pacing dramatizes the stalwart approach of Klement's key rambling - at the same time there are brief hiccups of Sunday solace in the final mix. This being my first exposure to this work which was commissioned for the Musik und Medien series in Vienna, I can only hope that there will be a follow-up soon. As the final, tiny clanging chimes play so sweetly and fade the piece goes quietly into the night. (TJN)