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Try to grasp the ephemeral

Catalogue & CD: project MONOLITH - CD Wasserlauf

The project Monolith was founded by the sculptors Georg Planer and Peter Paszkiewicz. In 2021 an intermedial cooperation between stone sculpture, experimental music, rock science and film took place around a quarry in the Malta Valley in Carinthia/Austria. Katharina Klement created a composition for 8 sound bodies, the sound material for this was exclusively water recordings from this Valley. The catalogue integrates texts, photos, weblinks to sound and film, and the CD.

KalK 11 2022

The work is also available on bandcamp: bandcamp.com

LP: vessel 1.2 / suite pour une femme seule

Katharina Klement presents a precise arranged album where instrumental approaches (piano on Side A and Zither on Side B) are almost invisibly connected to electronic manipulations. »If Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry could invent a symphony pour un homme seul in 1950, I feel compelled to launch a suite pour une femme seule 70 years later.« (Katharina Klement)

Link: Ventil Records V_014 2020

CD: Schütten

"I transfer chemical processes and transformations to composition technique. I had the opportunity to visit the cement factory in Mannersdorf/Lower Austria where I made numerous audio recordings. A few of them are the starting point for my work Schütten – 3 x 3 solo pieces for violin, cello piano.“ (Katharina Klement) in collaboration with Oskar Aichinger, Séverine Ballon, Tiziana Bertoncini, Audrey Chen, Annelie Gahl, Georg Graewe, Thomas Lehn, Barbara Lüneburg, Michael Moser

Link: paladino media AG 0018 2019

CD: Drift

Three compositions from 2014/15 are unified on this CD: „Wie Tag und Nacht“ for 3 zithers and electronics „In dem HIMMEL benannten Darüber“ for two ensembles (subshrubs and PHACE) „Drift“ for organ and electronics

„The colour of the pieces is as dark as the time in which they were created: an era of human isolation due to our dependency on electronic devices, an era shifting into the digital sphere . Katharina Klement composed this socially relevant relationship between analogue and digital worlds, albeit – and this at the artist`s discretion – with a positive, poetic outcome, an uncynical work.“ Philipp Schmickl

Link: chmafu nocords cn 63 2018

CD: electroacoustic music and sound art from Austria

compilation of 30 Austrian composers on 4 CDs
This CD-anthology was conceived as n expedition into the multifarious world of electroacoustic music forms and sound art of Austrian composers and is addressed to both connoisseurs and scientifically interested audience.

Katharina Klement is represented with „einen Moment bitte – Part II“ (excerpt). A composition for eight instruments was recorded, the resultimg 8 tracks were then the soundmaterial for an 8-channel soundinstallation. An extract in stereo-format was chosen for this CD.

Link: GEM 1702 2017

CD: REDOX, orbitals

Kaja Farszky: marimba, percussion; Annette Giesriegl: vocals, electronics; Katharina Klement: piano

The musicians, who come from the fields of jazz, new music and improvisation, act as if in a chemical laboratory, in which musical „redox recations“ occur again and again, in which sound electrons are taken over or given off, and thus new sound material constantly develops. In physics, an orbital describes the wave function of an electron. It stands as an correspondence for the musical activity of the trio, for the sensing of the intangible sonic moment.

Link: Creative sources cs 459 2017

CD: peripheries

In 2014, I spent nine weeks in Belgrade, focusing on the questions, “What does this city sound like? Is it possible to portray it using sounds?” In numerous excursions to different areas of the city, I collected sounds and noises. In addition, I conducted several interviews about the soundscape of Belgrade with people of different ages and backgrounds. The resulting comprehensive acoustic archive, or memory, became the basis of my compositional approach.

gruenrekorder Gruen173 2017

CD: Hoverload

Katharina Klement: piano, electronics
Martin Siewert: electric baritone & steel guitars, electronics

Austrian Katharina Klement and Martin Siewert are magicians. Both are more than resourceful improvisers on their so-called traditional instruments - Klement on the piano and Siewert on the electric guitar, but both opt to use these instruments as sound generators, then play with the sounds with electronic treatments and their highly personal extended techniques. The Free Jazz Collective

Link: chmafu nocords cn 61 2016

LP: deepseafish-K offshore zone

juun / Katharina Klement / Manon Liu Winter, horizontal string instruments

The letter 'K' in DeapseafishK stands for keys and it refers to the fact that all three players use instruments with keys; we have juun (pianoguts, hammered dulcimer, toy piano), Katharina Klement (piano, clavichord, zither, synthersizer, electronics) and Manon Liu Winter (piano, clavichord).

Link: chmafu nocords 2015

videosample: monde (teil1)

DVD: monde - ein Portrait unserer Väter / monde - a portrait of our fathers

a film by Ursula Mihelič, music by Katharina Klement
german with english subtitles 63 min. 2014

The work of director Ursula Mihelič and composer Katharina Klement addresses the question of the musical and cinematic portrait and tests the cooperation of these two forms.

Links: Trailer / video sample part 1 / videosample part 2

CD: jalousie

Katharina Klement, solos & small ensemble pieces „Transformation“ is the main motif of Katharina Klement´s compositions collected on jalousie, created in the period between 2008-2012. A selection of solos and small ensembles, always in the tradeoff between instrumental and electronic approach, as well as composition and improvisation.

Link: chmafu nocords nc46 2012

CD: t(w)o wanderers

Lynn Book, voice & electronics
Katharina Klement, piano & electronics

The prehistory of this CD began in 2007 in the US with the interdisciplinary project „Regarding:Next“, based on Thomas More´s seminal text „Utopia“. The first performance venues were Winston Salem in North Carolina, NYC and Pittsburgh. The concert in the Amann Studio in Vienna, documented here, is considered a continuation in which what has gone before still resonates.

KalK nr. 10 2011

CD: velak_rec

velak_rec concert series 2010, compilation of four quartets amongst others one set with Katharina Klement, Wolfgang Fuchs, Rossi, dieb 13

'zero and one' is a binary, mathematically defined composition for x musicians (in this case for four musicians). it iterates through all possible duo-parts and solos, starting and ending with everyone playing.

Link: chmafu nocords cn 38 2011

CD: DAMN! freistil-samplerin #1

works by Angélica Castelló, Cordula Boesze, Manon Liu Winter, Katharina Klement, Petra Stump, Elisabeth Flunger, Maria Frodl, Carla Kihlstedt, Susanna Gartmayer, Judith Unterpertinger, Ilse Riedler

Damned ties! The patriarchy, even in its cultural expressions, is dominated by male societies. The freiStil sampler #1 features eleven female artists, whose musical qualities were and are in inverse proportion to the media’s indifference to them with one track each.

Link: chmafu nocords 2008

DVD: granular

Katharina Klement, conception & piano
Thomas Grill, live electronics
Wolfgang Reisinger, drums & percussion
Alfred Reiter, sound control, recording „ audiomastering
Billy Roisz, video

The composition was comissioned on the occasion of the Poetry Days Linz in 2007 on the theme „Surface and Depth of Field“ and premiered in the Hanisch Machine Hall where machines are produced for the processing of building rubble. According to the working process of these machines to crush construction or road debris into different sand-grain sizes, the composition follows the idea of granulating. The video by Billy Roisz was made afterwards for the DVD production.

KalK nr.09 2009
Link: videosample granular

CD: Passagen

works by Gerald Resch, Daniel de la Cuesta, Katharina Klement, Christoph Herndler, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong

For this production, which shows teh bassoon naked – stripped of ist usual contexts – there were five occasions: the individual musical worlds of just as many composers whose music inspires me and whom I could make interested in my instrument. (Robert Buschek)

Link: einklangrecords ekr 032 2008

CD: Katharina Klement

solo- and ensemble-works by Katharina Klement from 2004 – 2007

Nothing is more unusual about Katharina Klement than the self-evident. Trailing the sounds, her music approaches an unnameable place of joy:“ Come into the open, my friend!“

Link: Edition Zeitton ORF CD 3027 2008

CD: L.E.O.

These concerts were played diviede into two trios, placed in different rooms. The audience as well as the musicians heard special mixes that, together with the live sound, presented the full ensemble in each room.

Cordula Boesze, fl
Günther Albrecht, synth-sax
Paul Skrepek, dr
Seppo Gründler, guitar & electronics
Uli Fussenegger, G3 computer
Katharina Klement, piano extended

Link: Grazer Etikett 666 LC 6185 2003


Katharina Klement, p
Hermann Stangassinger, db
Hannes Schweiger, dr & perc

live concert at Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon 2006, free and structured improvisations

KalK nr. 08 2008

CD: los autodisparadores

Angélica Castelló, recorders
Thomas Grill, electronics
Katharina Klement, extended piano & clavichord

Free and structured improvisations, recorded at Schlachthof Wels and Amannstudio Vienna 2005/06. A soft immersion, leaving the surface behind, knowing that on the inside, wide horizons are waiting.

Link: einklangrecords ekr 029 2007

DVD: Chronologie

self printed limited edition 2006
Katharina Klement, conception, piano, electronics
Dieter Kovacic, programing, video, electronics

A selected location was observed over 34 days and nights with two cameras and four microphones. The data material obtained in this way was converted into a three-part composition, performed in the same location (court of delivery art collection Essl, Klosterneuburg Austria).

Link: video sample

CD: unerhört, Elektronische Musik aus Wien

edited by IGNM/ISCM International Society of Contemporary Music

Electronic music from Vienna. The variety of forms that make up the practice of electronic music in Vienna today is the intention of this CD. Works by dieb13/Billy Roisz, Wolfgang Mitterer, Elisabeth Schimana/Seppo Gründler, Dieter Kaufmann, Das Erste Wiener Gemüseorchester, Ming Wang, Low Frequency Orchestra, Katharina Klement

Link: ORF CD 440, LC 11428 2006

DVD: 8∞

The analogue instrument piano and its eighty-eight keys or pitches form the framework of the joint programme. The instrument is measured, recorded and deconstructed acoustically and optically.

Katharina Klement, conception & piano & electronics
Nikolaus Gansterer, video & live drawing
Josef Novotny, piano & electronics

Extraplatte, LC 8202 2005

Link: video sample

CD: soundog

all tracks spontaneous improvisations by
Elisabeth Harnik, clavichord
Katharina Klement, extended piano
Josef Novotny, electronics
Fredi Pröll, percussion
Uli Winter, cello

Extraplatte, LC 8202 2005

CD: Fin de siècle

edition Frauentöne vol. 5 re nova classics

Sigrid Trummer, piano solo, compositions from several Austrian female composers living around the Fin de Siècle in Vienna plus a comissioned work by Katharina Klement; works by Maria Bach, Grete von Zieritz, Johanna Müller-Hermann, Sophie Eckhardt-Gramatté, Katharina Klement, Stephanie Wurmbrandt-Stuppach, Agnes Tyrell, Maria Hofer

4/4 Verlag LC 10849 2005

CD: innaron

Annelie Gahl, violin solo. The „Passacaglia (Sonata of the Guardian Angel)“ for solo violin by baroque composer Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber is the pivot for four new comissioned pieces by Austrian composers Fritz Keil, Katharina Klement, Klaus Lang, Christian Muthspiel. „innaron“ the root of German word „Erinnerung“, or memory, not only implies retrospection, but rather also „making someone aware of something“.

Link: Extraplatte, LC 8202 2004

CD: monocle

free improvised music by
Katharina Klement, monochord, clavichord, melodica
Josef Novotny, clavichord, electronics
Reni Weichselbaum, tenor and bass recorder
Manon Liu Winter, clavichord

Link: Extraplatte , LC 8202 2003

CD: monde, instruments & electronics

compositions by Katharina Klement for solo-instruments and ensembles with use of electronics between 1997 and 2002, interpreters: ensemble "die reihe", also Cordula Boesze/fl, Maria Frodl/vc, Margarete Jungen/voc, Katharina Klement/p, Burkhard Stangl/guit, Manon Liu Winter/clavichord

Link: KalK 07 2003

CD: music for loudspeakers

soundinstallation for the monastery "Stift Lilienfeld" in Austria. In 2002 Stift Lilienfeld, a Cistercian monastery inLower Austria celebrated ist 800 years of existence There were four listening stations distributed in the area of the monastery.

Link: KalK 06 2002

CD: Beton

edition Offenes Kulturhaus Linz

stereo-version of a sound-installation 10-channel, situated in Offenes Kulturhaus Linz in June/July 2001; Sound transformation – especially sound transfromation with electronic means – is work with a multi-dimensional phenomenon and comparable to plastic work.

Link: Austria CD 38530703 2001

CD: Filmscript/fahrspuren

The levels text/image/spoken word/tape-music/live-music form a network of additive, parallel and contrapuntal relationships.

Katharina Klement: composition, piano
Brigitta Falkner: text Filmscript
Karin Spielhofer: text fahrspuren

Gabriela Hütter & Rudi Widerhofer: voice
Lorenz Raab: trpt
Ali Angerer: tuba
Florian Prix & David Petermann: recording, mixdown

Link: KalK 05 2001

CD: concert trouvé

„concért trouvé“ was created as a commissioned work in the "Musik und Medien series, echoraum Vienna. The loose framework of „trouvé“ / the „found object“ comprises found objects that make sounds, acoustic material captured on recording media, an old grand piano left in ist „out-of-tune“- condition and subsequently prepared and converted, and an electric guitar.

Katharina Klement: piano, composition
Armin Pokorn: e-guitar, electronics
Flo Prix: sound engineering, recording
Geari Schreilechner: engineering, sound engineering

Link: KalK 04 2000

CD: Duos plus...

Josef Novotny (piano, clavichord, zither, electronics) in duos with different partners. Several duos by Klement/Novotny run through the edition like a red thread.

Josf Novotny: piano, clavichord, zither, electronics
Katharina Klement: piano, clavichord
Joanna Lewis: violin
Max Nagl: saxophon, clarinet
Burkhard Stangl: guitar, voice, piano
Corie Townsend/Lydia Vierlinger/ Thomas Klinger: speech
Gerlinde Illich/Margarete Jungen/Thomas Künne/Walter Wegscheider: singing
Rick Stengards: conductor

Link: rude noises 005 1998

CD: Textur

texture: composed of several coarse- or fine-grained structures, in the spatial arrangement of six loudspeakers and piano.

Katharina Klement: piano, composition
Flo Prix: sound engineering, recording’

Link: KalK 03 1998

soundsample: "0.110.1001." soundinstallation excerpt


CD: Elektronischer Frühling 1992-96

Electroacoustic music from Austria with ten compositions which were premiered in the series „Elektronischer Frühling“ / „electronic springtime“ between 1992-96 in the venue Alte Schmiede, Vienna.

compositions by Christian Teuscher / Katharina Klement / Günther Zechberger / Bernd Hannes Sollfellner / Germán Toro / Andreas Weixler / Markus Bless / Peter Ablinger / Winfried Ritsch / Nikolaus Schapfl

production: Igor Lintz-Maues, Gerald Trimmel

Links: www.cdandlp.com / www.discogs.com

Catalogue & CD: Werkstadt Graz - Katharina Klement

edition in occasion of Guest Artist Program 1996/97 of WERKSTADT GRAZ in collaboration with Institute of Electronic Music Graz, Austria

It includes an interview conducted by Elisabeth Vera Rathenböck „Silence.Work.Music.“, a CD with two electroacoustic compositions Brandung I/II and a score.

KalK 02 1996

CD: 13 Miniaturen

13 miniatures for 8-channel tape and piano, the composition consists of 13 acoustic chapters in which each block is set up piece by piece, some loosely tied together, and some narrate a continuing story.

Katharina Klement: piano, composition
Edwin Pfanzagl, recording & mastering

Link: KalK 01 1996

soundsample: Verschlepper, K. Klement


LP: dot

Side A: A-LE-LU-JA, composition by Elisabeth Schimana
Side B: BACH, composition by Schimana & Klement

We chose fragments out of the first and second album of „Well Tempered Clavier“ and played them over the singers headphones. The recorded voice and piano material forms the basis of the composition.

Elisabeth Schimana: composition, voice, mastering
Katharina Klement: composition, piano
Wolfgang Musil: recording & mastering

Link: Extraplatte LC 8202 1989

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