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electroacoustic / fixedmedia / soundinstallations

Ökophonie (2023)

„Ecophony - every voice counts. An acoustic soil survey.“ Soundinstallation running in Altaussee/Austria from May 2023 until October 2024 as part of the project „open fields – art and agriculture“, Institut fuer Kunst im oeffentlichen Raum Steiermark, Links: museum-joanneum.at / Video / kunstradio.at

Wasserlauf (2021)

electroacoustic composition for 8 sound bodies, 34 min., in connection with the intermedial project MONOLITH: stone sculpture, exeperimental music, geology, with Georg Planer, Peter Paszkiewicz, Josef Baier, Urs Kloetzli, first performance: October 3 2021, Pankratium Gmuend, Carinthia AT, Pictures: Wasserlauf1 / Wasserlauf2

Baraqel (2020)

fixed media stereo, 6.04 min., comissioned by project "resurrexit", first performance: July 31st 2021, St. Petersburg Festival Acousmonium RU, released on double-vinyl “Resurrexit/Translokale Monumente/Hörstadt“, Links: www.hoerstadt.at

three soundportraits (2019)

1 soundportrait Kanya Kanchana, fixed media stereo, 4 min., voice/text: Kanya Kanchana; 2 soundportrait Mersolis Schöne, video & fixed media, stereo, 3.20 min., "Love - A Memory Sculpture", Mersolis Schöne (film & drawings), Katharina Klement (sound & composition), Apollina Smaragd (voice) Link: Trailer and Film, 3 soundportrait Ivan Pantelic, fixed media, stereo, 3.30 min., guitar: Ivan Pantelic, first performance of all portraits: march 2nd 2019, field performance "Love Matters..." at Adishakti theater Tamil Nadu India, Link: Adishakti Theatrearts

und alles licht in diesem ton (2017)

fixed media 4-channel, 20 min., first performance dec 2 2017 at velak gala nr.100, Steinergasse 8, 1170 Wien AT

peripheries (2014-16)

fixed media 8-channel, 9 titles, 52 min., first performance of pieces nr. 2, 3, 5: February 11th 2015, Espace Senghor, Bruxelles, series "musiques & recherches" BEL, first performance of the whole work: December 2nd 2016, Alte Schmiede Wien AT, released on CD peripheries/gruenrekorder 2017/Gruen 173, Links: www.gruenrekorder.de / www.thesoundprojector.com / www.musiques-recherches.be

YOU and ME (2014)

Max Brand analogue synthesizer & sampler, ca. 26 min., first performance: February 28 2014 at institute for media archaeology, Hainburg AT, by the composer, Link: www.ima.or.at / Picture: YOU and ME

einen Moment bitte (2012)

part 2, soundinstallation for 8 loudspeakers, fixed media 8-channel, soundmaterial is the recording of "einen Moment bitte, part 1" for 8 instruments, played by klangforum Wien, first performance: September 5 2012, Zacherlfabrik, Wien, AT, Links: www.zacherlfabrik.at / www.klangforum.at

5 Boote 20 Fische (2011)

soundinstallation 5-channel for five loudspeakers on 5 boats, fixed media, first performance: July 8 2011 on river Rhein/Köln, DE, Link: www.brueckenmusik.de / Picture: 5 Boote

Brandung III (2011)

fixed media, stereo, 8 min., first performance: December 10, 2011, Kuppelsaal Technical University Vienna, AT, Link: www.theelectroacousticproject.at

music for the theater play "Was haengt das Leben tief wie Nebel ueberm Kukuruz" (2010)

by E.M. Binder, fixed media stereo, first performance: February 19 2010, dramagraz, AT, Link: www.dramagraz.mur.at

music for the reading performance "Herzzeit" (2010)

correspondence between Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan, fixed media stereo, 9 titles, 33 min., first performance: October 19th, 2010, Aargauer Literaturhaus Lenzburg, CH, actors: Miriam Japp, Ursula Mihelic

solo 2 (2010)

fixed media stereo, 5 min., first performance: echoraum Vienna 2010, AT, Link: www.echoraum.at

Summer (2008)

soundinstallation 8-channel, comissioned by Institut fuer Kunst im oeffentlichen Raum Steiermark, running between August 30 2008 and January 31, 2009, venue: St. Lorenzen bei Scheifling, Schwarzenberg´sche Meierei, AT, Link: www.hotelpupik.org / Picture: Summer

Erscheinungsbilder (2007)

music for radioplay stereo, text by Julian Schutting, 39 min., first broadcast: October 23 2007, Austrian radio OE 1, AT

0.110.1001. (2006)

soundinstallation stereo, first performance: October 26 2006 in Hall/Tirol, AT, comissioned by Galerie St. Barbara Hall/Tirol AT, released on CD “Katharina Klement, ORF-Portrait CD 2008, Link: CD

atem 1 (2003)

soundinstallation, stereo, first performance: March 19 2003 at brick_5, Vienna on the occasion of the event „über:leben", conceived and organized by www.collabor.at, Link: www.collabor.at

schale, bewegung 1 / 2, fuelle 1 / 2 / 3 (2002)

six compositions for loudspeakers, 31 min., comissioned for the exhibition "Cisto - 800 years monastery Lilienfeld", AT, installation running from May to October 2002, released on CD "music for loudspeakers", KalK CD 06, Link: CD

Beton (2000/01)

10-channel-soundinstallation, 46 min., first performance: June/July 2001 O.K. Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst Linz, AT, Hans Kropshofer, spatial design, Florian Prix, technical realization, released on CD "Beton", Edition Offenes Kulturhaus Linz, 2000, Links: CD / www.ok-centrum.at / Pictures: Beton1 / Beton2 / Beton3 / Beton4

local times I (1999)

tape mono and slides, 12 min., first performance: November 19 1999 polycollege Stoebergasse, Vienna, AT

kinema (1997)

fixed media mono, 8.30 min., comissioned by Oliver Strametz, first performance: March 3 1997 Innsbruck "Galerie im Andechshof", AT, vernissage of an exhibition with works by fine artist Oliver Strametz

Brandung II (1996)

fixed median stereo, 16 min., first performance: July 5 1996 Allentsteig Festival "Absolute Musik" Austria, released on CD "Brandung I/II", KalK CD 02, 1996, Link: CD

timing (1996)

4-channel fixed media, 8 min., comissioned by the festival "On-Off", St. Johann/Tirol, AT, first performance: September 13, 1996 St. Johann/Tirol, Link: www.muku.at

Brandung I (1992)

fixed media stereo, 7 min., first performance: April 1993 Festival Internacional de Musica Contemporánea, Bogotá CO released on CD "Brandung I/II", KalK CD 02, 1996, Link: CD

David und Goliath (1992)

fixed media stereo, 5.30 min., first performance: 1992, Vienna, Institute for Electroacoustic Music, University for Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, AT

Gestentanz (1992)

fixed media mono, 10 min., comissioned for the dance-performance "Und Jetzt" by Willi Dorner, first performance: June 18 1992, Kuenstlerhaus Vienna, AT

Bardo I-VI (1991)

six tape-compositions 4-channel, 25 min., first performance: January 11 1992 Jesuitenkirche Aschaffenburg DE during an exhibiton by Ralf Münz, partly released on CD GEM 9701, elektronischer Fruehling, electroacoustic music from austria 1992-96, Link: CD

Durchgänge (1991)

4 channel composition for two stereo tapes running simultaneously, 18 min., first performance: 1991, Institute for Electroacoustic Music, University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna, AT

Neun Nonnen (1991)

tape stereo, 7 min., first performance: 1991, Institute for Electroacoustic Music, University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna, AT

Bach (1989)

tape stereo, 20 min., in collaboration with Elisabeth Schimana, released on LP "dot", LC 8202, 1989, Link: LP

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