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music and visual media / performance

réservoir (2023)

zither and live electronics, with a video by Patrick K. H., first performance June 2023 at festival blaues Rauschen Dortmund, Mex Keller, Link: Video

roaming (2023)

exhibition of (graphic) scores/scetches and listening stations and with a lecture performance. In connection with composition MONDE II. september 29 - october 14 2023 at rhizom Graz/Austria, Links: rhizom.mur.at / Invitation / Photo 1 / Photo 2

5 levels (2022)

video and music/fixed media , 18.45 min. video by Patrick K.H., music by Katharina Klement & Axel Dörner, first performance: june 2022 online, Link: Video

natura morta (2021)

video & music/fixed media stereo, 10 min., video by Doris Schmid, first performance: May 29 2021, echoraum Vienna, AT, festival "liaisons sonores" Links: www.echoraum.at / www.dorisschmid.net / Video Excerpt

pianimal (2020)

one piano, 2 pianists, 6 transducers, video, ca. 45 min., Stefania Amisano & Claudio Cristani: piano, Giorgio Klauer: technical assistance, Conny Zenk: video, first performance: September 4 2020, Teatro Miela Trieste, IT, festival "Teatri del suono / Chaos" Links: www.duonovalis.org / Video

soundportrait Mersolis Schöne (2019)

fixed media stereo, 3.20 min., in combination with the video „Love - A Memory Sculpture“, video & drawings : Mersolis Schöne, voice: Apollina Smaragd, first performance of all portraits: march 2nd 2019, field performance "Love Matters..." at Adishakti theater Tamil Nadu India, Links: Trailer and Film / Adishakti Theatrearts

Táku ehá huwó? Was hast du gesagt? (2017)

chamber choir (2s/2a/2t/2b), acc, harpsichord, Hammond-organ, synth, electronics, perc, according to a speech of Sitting Bull, ca. 20 min., staging by Peter Wagner, first performance: July 21 2017 at Musikforum Viktring, AT, Links: Video / Website / Picture: Taku

En Lumière (2016)

stereo fixed media, experimental film portrait, 9:30 min., Meinrad Hofer, book & director, James Biberi, starring, Katharina Klement, composer, Vivian Winther & James Jolly, producers, Harvest Table Pictures, Link: Film

PLOT (2015)

voice, piano, electronics, live-video-cameras, ca. 50 min., in cooperation with Lynn Book, first performance: October 22 2015, Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago, US, Links: Soundcloud / Artacts / Picture: PLOT

monde - ein Portrait unserer Väter (2013)

stereo fixed media, experimental film documentation, 63 min., Ursula Mihelic, book & director, Elias Jerusalem, cinematographer, Katharina Klement, composition & sound design, first performance: October 6th 2013, Zacherlfabrik AT. The fathers of the director and the composer are portrayed with the media film and music.

blanks (2013)

piano, clarinet & bassclarinet, percussion, electronics, video, ca. 20 min., first performance: October 5 2013, festival musikprotokoll Graz, AT, ensemble recherche: Shizuyo Oka (cl & bcl), Klaus Steffes-Holländer (p), Christian Dierstein (percussion), Doris Schmid (video), Katharina Klement: electronics, Links: Video / Musikprotokoll / Picture: Blanks

HOLE – in search of Opera without Opera (2010/2011)

voice, piano, electronics, video, ca. 60 min., in cooperation with Lynn Book (voice), Doris Schmid (video), Robin Starbuck (video & lighting), first performance at festival ArtStays July 23 2011 Ptuj SLO, Pictures: HOLE 1 / HOLE 2

project FROTH (Future Archeologies of Love and Power) (2010)

in collaboration with Lynn Book, performance in Vienna, live transmitted to NYC, clavichord & tapes, 10 minutes, May 13 2010, at Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Peter Norton Symphony Space, NY City, produced by Underworld Productions Opera Ensemble, Picture: FROTH

1/8 vom 3/4 Tag (2010)

piano, recorders, voice, electronics, video, in collaboration with ensemble „subshrubs“, part 1 by Katharina Klement, 34 min., part 2 by Angelica Castelló, 34 min., part 3 by Maja Osojnik, 34 min., part 4 by Billy Roisz, 34 min., duration of whole performance: 2 hours 16 min., first performance: September 18 2010 in Schloss Wolkersdorf Austria, by Angélica Castelló, recorders & electronics / Katharina Klement, piano & electronics / Maja Osojnik recorders & voice & electronics / Billy Roisz, video & electronics)

mute (2008)

recorders, piano, voice, electronics, video, 30 min., ensemble subshrubs (Angélica Castelló, Katharina Klement, Maja Osojnik, Billy Roisz), first performance: October 3, 2008, festival “Kontraste”, Klangraum Minoritenkirche Krems AT

Technische Studien (2007)

piano, blackboard, pickups, performative action, ca. 20 min., in collaboration with Peter Brandlmayr, first performance: April 20 2007 at VNM-Festival Graz, AT, Link: vnm.mur.at

RE:next (2007)

voice, piano, violin, electronics, performative action, ca. 50 min., in collaboration with Lynn Book (voice) and Jacquie Carrasco (vl), first performance: March 22, 2007 at South Eastern Center for Contemporary Arts, North Carolina, USA, Link: roulette.org

Chronologie (local times IV) (2006)

piano, video, electronics, ca. 50 min., in collaboration with Dieter Kovacic (dieb13), first performance: September 20 2006 at Kunstsammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg, AT, Kunstsammlung Essl, released on DVD "Chronologie" 2006, Link: sammlung-essl.at

8∞ (local times II) (2004)

piano, electronics, video & live-drawings, 56 min., in collaboration with Josef Novotny (live-electronics) and Nikolaus Gansterer (video & live-drawing), first performance: December 14 2004, Institut für Elektronische Musik, Graz AT, released on DVD 88, 2005 extraplatte Austria, Link: DVD

concert trouvé (2000)

prepared piano, tapes, live-electronic, sounding objects, further instruments ad lib., ca. 60 min., comissioned by echoraum, Vienna, first performance: May 18 2000 echoraum Vienna, AT, Katharina Klement, prepared piano / Armin Pokorn, eguit / Geari Schreilechner, hardware manipulations / Flo Prix, sound distribution / Andreas Platzer, helping hands, released on CD "concert trouvé", KalK CD 04, 2000, Link: CD

moments élastiques (1999)

tuba, trpt, piano and super-8-film, 9 min., (film made in collaboration with Andreas Platzer), first performance: Dec. 3 1999, Kulturzentrum Minoriten Graz AT, Link: www.kultum.at / Video

Stroeme (1998)

ensemble (2 vl, fl, acc, bassclar, 2 cb), loudspeakers, video, ca. 20 min., in collaboration with Elisabeth Schimana, comissioned by Wiener Linien on the occasion of the opening of metro-stop Ottakring, Vienna, AT, first performance: December 4 1998 Ottakring, Vienna, AT, performed by „das boesze salonorchester“

Filmscript - Prinzip i (1997)

speech, fixed media stereo, trpt, tuba, prepared piano, slides, ca. 30 min., text and drawings/slides by Brigitta Falkner, comissioned by Alte Schmiede, Vienna, Rudi Widerhofer, speech / Lorenz Raab, trpt / Ali Angerer, tuba / K. Klement, p, first performance: Dec. 3 1997 Alte Schmiede, Vienna, AT, released on CD "Filmscript - fahrspuren", KalK CD05, 2001, Links: www.alte-schmiede.at / CD

présence (1992)

for performer with costume and piano, loudspeakers, tape, lightdesign, duration variable, first performance: February 2008, “Wiener Tage der zeitgenoessischen Klaviermusik 2008”, University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna by Eva Banholzer

Flugfluchten (1987)

piece for music, dance, speech, slide-projection, ca. 60 min., in collaboration with Donato Deliano and Andreas Weixler, first performance: November 25 1987, Kulturzentrum Minoriten Graz, AT, Link: www.kultum.at

dis - moll (1986)

piece for dance and music, ca. 60 min., choreography/dance: Monika Steffen, structure/dance: Katharina Klement, musicians: Andreas Weixler (b), Alberto de Campo (git), Christian Koppensteiner (git), Axel Staudinger (dr), first performance: June 16 1986 Forum Stadtpark Graz, AT

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