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voice / speech / text

Schwebstoff (2023)

fixed media stereo, clar/bcl, female voice, vl, first performance: dec 16th 2023, creative cluster Vienna, punctum collective
Link: punctum-collective.art

two soundportraits (2019)

1 soundportrait Kanya Kanchana, fixed media stereo, 4 min., voice/text: Kanya Kanchana; 2 soundportrait Mersolis Schöne, video & fixed media, stereo, 3.20 min., "Love - A Memory Sculpture", Mersolis Schöne (film & drawings), Katharina Klement (sound & composition), Apollina Smaragd (voice) Link: Trailer and Film, first performance of all portraits: march 2nd 2019, field performance "Love Matters..." at Adishakti theater Tamil Nadu India, Link: Adishakti Theatrearts

freiheit und freizeit (2017)

for choir (S/A/T/B) & vl/vla/vc, commissioned by choir "Gegenstimmen", ca. 8 min., text: Gegenstimmen, first performance: October 19 2018, Musikverein Wien, AT, Link: www.gegenstimmen.org

Verfuehrung (2017)

text & speech: Marlene Streeruwitz, composition, piano, electronics: Katharina Klement, ca. 60 min., first performance: November 27 2017, festival Wien Modern at Wiener Konzerthaus, AT, Link: video of a further performance in 2020

Táku ehá huwó? Was hast du gesagt? (2017)

chamber choir (2s/2a/2t/2b), acc, harpsichord, Hammond-organ, synth, electronics, perc, according to a speech of Sitting Bull, ca. 20 min., staging by Peter Wagner, first performance: July 21 2017 at Musikforum Viktring, AT, Links: Video / Website / Picture: Taku

teils teils grell (2016)

version A: for voice (soprano) and cello, accordingto a text by Oskar Pastior, ca. 17 min., first performance: June 19 2016, festival Landgänge, Freistadt, AT, Alexandra von der Weth, soprano, Anja Schröder, cello, version B: for voice (soprano) and contrabass flute, first performance october 2016, Aachen, DE, Maria Regina Heyne, soprano, Susanne Schrage, contrabass flute

PLOT (2015)

voice, piano, electronics, live-video-cameras, ca. 50 min., in cooperation with Lynn Book, first performance: October 22 2015, Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago, US, Links: Soundcloud / Artacts / Picture: PLOT

in dem HIMMEL benannten Darüber (2015)

two ensembles, 10 performers, according to texts by Veronika Seyr and Heiner Mueller, ca. 34 min., first performance: November 20 2015, Konzerthaus Wien (festival Wien Modern), AT, ensemble subshrubs and ensemble PHACE, released on CD DRIFT, chmafu nocords, Links: subshrubs / PHACE / CD

Oh, wenn ich ihn hätt! (2014)

children´s choir, 4 min., comissioned by Styria cantat, first performance: February 13 2014, choir of Volksschule St. Peter Graz, directed by Sandra Boehler at Helmut List Halle Graz, AT, published in Styria cantat, Band 6 Neue Chormusik aus Österreich für Gemischte Chöre, Link: www.helmut-list-halle.com

Hecke (2010)

amplified subbass-recorder, ca. 11 min., according to texts by Oswald Egger, first performance: March 12 2010 by Pia Palme, Alte Schmiede, Wien, AT, Link: www.alte-schmiede.at

music for the reading performance "Herzzeit" (2010)

correspondence between Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan, fixed media stereo, 9 titles, 33 min., first performance: October 19 2010 Aargauer Literaturhaus Lenzburg, CH, actors: Miriam Japp, Ursula Mihelic

route retour (2009)

voice solo, 13 min., dedicated to Annette Schoenmueller, first performance: February 11 2011, OFF-Theater Wien, AT, project "vocal textures", conceived and performed by Annette Schoenmueller

Erscheinungsbilder (2007)

music for radioplay, text by Julian Schutting, 39 min., first broadcast: October 23 2007, Austrian radio OE 1

dass i nur wia wal i immer (2005)

2 violins, accordion, contraguitar, speaker and fixed media stereo, 12 min., comissioned by festival "wean hean", performed by Attensam-Ensemble, first performance: September 29 2005, echoraum Vienna, AT, Links: Music Austria / Echoraum / Picture: dass i nur

Zeiteinknistern und (2003)

voice, extended piano, double bass, electronic sounds, ca. 47 min., in collaboration with Marianne Schuppe and Daniel Studer, text: Ingrid Fichtner, M. Schuppe, voice / K. Klement, p & electronics / Daniel Studer, db, first performance: October 24 2003 IGNM polycollege Stoebergasse, Vienna AT

W (2001)

bass- / subbassrecorder and voice, ca. 20 min., comissioned and performed by Angélica Castelló, first performance: October 8 2002, Ruprechtskirche, Vienna, AT, Link: nmr.klingt.org

fahrspuren (1999)

two speech-voices and 8-channel-fixed media, 28 min., text by Karin Spielhofer, Gabriela Huetter & Rudi Widerhofer, speech, comissioned by polycollege Stoebergasse Vienna and Stadt Wien, first performance: November 19 1999 polycollege Stoebergasse Vienna, released on CD "Filmscript/fahrspuren", KalK CD 05, 2001, Link: CD

lauter Laute (1998/2001)

altoflute/ female voice / e-guit / cello/ prep. piano, ca. 13 min., comissioned by Ensemble "Ambitus", Margarete Jungen, voice / Cordula Boesze, altflute / Maria Frodl, vc / Katharina Klement, prepared piano / Burkhard Stangl, e-guit, first performance: October 22 1998, Tabakmuseum Vienna, AT, released on CD “monde” KalK 07, 2003, Link: CD

Filmscript - Prinzip i (1997)

for speech-voice, tape stereo, trpt, tuba, prep. piano, slides, ca. 30 min., text and drawings by Brigitta Falkner, comissioned by Alte Schmiede, Vienna, first performance: Alte Schmiede, Vienna Dec. 3rd 1997, further performances: kunsthaus mürz, Austria 1998, Kulturzentrum Minoriten Graz Austria 1999, echoraum Wien 2000, released on CD "Filmscript/fahrspuren" KalK CD 05, 2001, Link: CD

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