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instruments and electronics

Monde II (2023)

small ensemble (clar/bcl, vl, vc, db, perc), live electronics, fixed media 8-channel, two concrete mixers, first performance: October 6th 2023, Helmut List Halle Graz, festival musikprotokoll, ensemble Schallfeld, Links: musikprotokoll.orf.at / Score pages: Score / Video

Schwebstoff (2023)

fixed media stereo, clar/bcl, female voice, vl, first performance: dec 16th 2023, creative cluster Vienna, punctum collective
Link: punctum-collective.art

Netz (2022)

accordion, bass-zither, electronics ca. 15 min., commissioned by Lizard-Ensemble, Jakob Steinkellner (accordion), Jonathan Figl (zither), Isabella Forciniti (electronics), first performance: November 5th 2022, Porgy & Bess Vienna Links: Ensemble / Score Excerpt / Photo (Jonathan Figl, basszither / Jakob Steinkellner, accordion / Isabella Forciniti, electronics) / Video (first performance)

Spiegel (2021)

piano and electronics, ca. 50 min., first peformance: March 25 2021, Gare du Nord Basel, CH, by the composer, (without audience, stream online), Links: Video / Picture: Spielpartitur

interlaced (2019)

harpsichord, accordion, 2 sound pressure transducers, ca. 11 min., comissioned by Duo Ovocutters, Christoph Hofer (accordion), Sonja Leipold (harpsichord), first performance: October 1st 2020 Musikschule Villach, AT, Links: www.ovocutters.at / Score Excerpt

Wirbel (2018)

organ, piano, electronics, ca. 42 min., first performance: June 21 2018 Kollegienkirche Salzburg, AT, Hans Josef Knaust (organ), Katharina Klement (piano), Werner Raditschnig, (sound projection & conception): Links: Video / Website / Pictures: Wirbel 1, Wirbel 2

Táku ehá huwó? Was hast du gesagt? (2017)

chamber choir (2s/2a/2t/2b), acc, harpsichord, Hammond-organ, synth, electronics, perc, according to a speech of Sitting Bull, ca. 20 min., staging by Peter Wagner, first performance: July 21 2017 at Musikforum Viktring, AT, Links: Video / Website / Picture: Taku

suite pour une femme seule (2017-19)

zither & electronics, ca. 30 min., first performance: October 20th 2017 at „echo buecher“ Berlin, DE, Katharina Klement (zither & electronics), released on vinyl vessel 1.2 / suite pour une femme seule, 2020 ventil records, Links: LP at Bandcamp / Picture: Brussel

vessel 1.2 (2016)

piano & live electronics, ca. 40 min., first performance: October 29 2016 at festival sound dissobedience Ljubljana, SLO, Katharina Klement (piano & electronics), Links: Video / LP at Bandcamp

vessel 1.1 (2016)

piano & live electronics, ca. 12 min., first performance: April 6 2016 by Kaori Nishii, p & Katharina Klement, electronics, anniversary concert dedicated to Karl Schiske, university for music and performing arts Vienna, AT, Picture: vessel

lokus fokus (2016)

any sound producing media, number of players & duration free, first performance: June 26 2016, Porgy & Bess Vienna, AT, members of studiodan: Sophia Goidinger-Koch (vl), Gunde Jaech-Micko (vl), Martina Engel (vla), Maiken Beer (cello), Michael Tiefenbacher (piano), Link: Website

PLOT (2015)

voice, piano, electronics, live-video-cameras, ca. 50 min., in cooperation with Lynn Book, first performance: October 22 2015, Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago, US, Links: Soundcloud / Artacts / Picture: PLOT

in dem HIMMEL benannten Darüber (2015)

two ensembles, 10 performers, according to texts by Veronika Seyr and Heiner Mueller, ca. 34 min., first performance: November 20 2015, Konzerthaus Wien (festival Wien Modern), AT, ensemble subshrubs and ensemble PHACE, released on CD DRIFT, chmafu nocords, Links: subshrubs / PHACE / CD

Drift (2015)

organ and electronics, ca. 13 min., first performance: April 18 2015, Radiokulturhaus Wien, AT, Wolfgang Kogert (organ), Katharina Klement (electronics), released on CD DRIFT, chmafu nocords, Links: Video / CD

wie Tag und Nacht (2014)

3 zithers (diskant, alto, bass) and electronics (fixed media stereo), ca. 10 min., first performance: September 24. 2014, festival klangspuren Schwaz, AT, Trio Greifer: Reinhilde Gamper, Leopold Hurt, Martin Mallaun, released on CD DRIFT, chmafu nocords, Links: Soundcloud / Klangspuren / CD

fix five (2014)

any quartet ad libitum, electronics obligatory, duration free, first performance: November 30. 2014 at OFF Theater, Vienna, AT, mobilis, Saxophonquartett: Michael Krenn (ss), Janez Ursej (as), Yukiko Iwata (ts), Goran Jurkovic (bs), Katharina Klement (electronics), Link: Mobilis-Saxophonquartett

blanks (2013)

piano, clarinet & bassclarinet, percussion, electronics, video, ca. 20 min., first performance: October 5 2013, festival musikprotokoll Graz, AT, ensemble recherche: Shizuyo Oka (cl & bcl), Klaus Steffes-Holländer (p), Christian Dierstein (percussion), Doris Schmid (video), Katharina Klement: electronics, Links: Video / Musikprotokoll / Picture: Blanks

Schiff und Hut (2012)

for hammered dulcimer plus preparations and transducer, ca. 15 min., first performance: September 2012, musicfestival Mexico by Franziska Fleischanderl, MEX, Link: Salterio

soundscape Schrattenberg (2012)

10 mobile and 7 stable soundsources, 17 performers, 80 min., performances: July 14 & 15 2012, around ruin castle Schrattenberg, Styria, AT, Links: Video 1 / Video 2 / Hotelpupik

portrait (2011)

accordion, bassclarinet, electronics, ca. 12 min., first performance: May 20 2011, festival e-may, Kosmostheater Wien, AT, Stefan Neuhuber (bcl), Krassimir Sterev (acc), Thomas Grill (electronics), Links: CD Picture: Portrait Score

solo 3 (2011)

for piano and 2 transducers, ca. 12 min., first performance (by the composer): April 28th 2011 Technisches Museum Wien, AT, Link: TMW

tiny monsters (2010)

bassclarinet, clavichord, fixed media stereo, ca. 30 min., in collaboration with Susanna Gartmayer, Susanna Gartmayer (bassclarinet & contra alto), Katharina Klement (clavichord & fixed media), first performance: August 21 2010 festival reheat, Kleylehof Nickelsdorf, AT, Link: reheat-Festivals / Picture: noid

zwischen 1 und 2 (2010)

microtone-organ and fixed media stereo, (instrument constructed by Hans-André Stamm), 10 min., programming by Christoph Breidler, first performance: December 13 2010, Ehrbarsaal Vienna, AT, Link: eufonia

quatuor à trois (2010)

any trio ad libitum, duration free, first performance: November 26 2010, by Angélica Castelló (recorders & electronics), Manon Liu Winter (clavichord), Katharina Klement (electronics), at echoraum, Vienna, AT

accordance (2009/2011)

Neo-Bechstein-piano and electronics, 17 min., first performance: March 13 2009, Kulturfabrik Hainburg/Donau, AT, in connection with the exhibition "Zauberhafte Klangmaschinen", IMA Hainburg, Link: IMA / Picture: Neo Bechstein

Batthyány (2009)

part 4 of the „Oberwarter symphony“, contribution to the 200 years anniversary of Joseph Haydn, alto- and tenor-recorder, piano, electronics, 17 min., written for, the ensemble "subshrubs" (Angélica Castelló, Maja Osojnik, Bily Roisz, Katharina Klement), first performance: September 18 2009, Oberwart, AT, Link: OHO

Tschitrakarna (2009)

piano, small organ, electronics, ca. 20 min., in collaboration with hans w. koch and Klaus Lang, after the novel „Tschitrakarna, das vornehme Kamel“ by Gustav Meyrink, first performance: March 9 2009, loft Koeln, DE , festival Alpengluehen, Link: VNM

mihrab (2008/2011)

first version for voice, 2 recorders, electronics, video, 12 min., comissioned by the ensemble "binar" (Maja Osojnik, Thomas List, Daniel Lercher, Theresa Dlouhy, Billy Roisz), first performance: May 24 2008, Zeughaus am Turm, Radstadt, AT, second version 2011 for recorders, clarinet & bass clarinet, live electronics, 12 min., played by Thomas List, Robert Corazza, Daniel Lercher, released on CD jalousie, chmafu nocords, Link: CD / PDF: mihrab score excerpt

chaotic bands in canonical form (2008)

4 players, any instruments or electronics, 12 min., dedicated to the ensemble "subshrubs" (Angélica Castelló, Katharina Klement, Maja Osojnik, Billy Roisz), first performance: May 31 2008, Festival e-may, Vienna, AT

roze (2007)

prepared piano, delay, fixed media four channel, 12 min., first performance: October 6 2007 at IGNM Musikfest, Konzerthaus Wien, AT, played by the composer, Link: IGNM

zones de tension (2007)

Raumklang-Klavier (concstructed by Rio Maeuerle) and electronics, ca. 15 min., first performance: September 1 2007 reheat-festival Kleylehof, AT, played by the composer, Links: REHEAT / jokebux / Picture: zones 77

granular (2007)

drums/percussion, piano, electronics, ca. 51 min., in collaboration with Thomas Grill and Wolfgang Reisinger, first performance: April 14 2007 at Hanisch, Maschinenhalle, Im Suedpark Linz, AT, sound distribution: Alfred Reiter, released on DVD “granular” 2009, KalK 09, Links: DVD / HMH / Picture: granular

ein Baum. der Regen. draussen. die Erinnerung (2006/2010)

any number of performers, for any instruments, duration variable, comissioned by “Mozartjahr 2006”, Musikschule Ottakring Vienna, first performance: June 2006 Bezirksmuseum Ottakring Vienna, AT, with pupils of Musikschule Ottakring

in a mad mood, madam (2006)

clavichord and electronics, 17 min., first performance: June 21 2006, galleria Oàrtoteca Milano, IT by the composer, released on CD Edition Zeitton/ORF - Portrait Katharina Klement 2008, Link: CD

dass i nur wia wal i immer (2005)

2 violins, accordion, contraguitar, speaker and fixed media stereo, 12 min., comissioned by festival "wean hean", performed by Attensam-Ensemble, first performance: September 29 2005, echoraum Vienna, AT, Links: Music Austria / Echoraum / Picture: dass i nur

Der Verschlepper (2005)

piano and fixed media stereo, 12 min., according to the character from Elias Canetti „Der Ohrenzeuge, Fünfzig Charaktere“, first performance: June 25 2006 by the composer, Canetti-festival Kleylehof, AT, released on CD DAMN! freistil-samplerin #1 chmafu nocords 2009, Link: CD

Mandel Mantel (2005)

clavichord and electronics, 17 min., first performance: January 21 2005 by the composer, Praterstraße 10, Vienna, AT, Link: Taste / Picture: Mandelmantel

gleich und gleich (2004)

two recorders, two double basses, drums, live-electronics, 17 min., dedicated to L.F.O.-orchestra, first performance: October 15 2004, polycollege Stoebergasse, Vienna, AT, Link: lfo / Picture: gleich und gleich

Vermessung I (local times III) (2004)

amplified recorder, sample-player, piano with preparations, ca. 48 min., in collaboration with Angélica Castelló and Thomas Grill, first performance: May 15 2004 echoraum, Vienna, AT, released on CD "los autodisparadores", einklang records 2007, Links: CD / Echoraum

Areale (2004)

two pianos and fixed media 4-channel, ca. 53 min., in collaboration with Manon Liu Winter, first performance: April 30 2004 Minoritenkirche Krems/Stein, Donaufestival, AT, partly released on ORF-CD "Katharina Klement", Edition Zeitton 2008, Links: CD / Pictures: Areale Score / Areale

Zeiteinknistern und (2003)

voice, extended piano, double bass, electronic sounds, ca. 47 min., in collaboration with Marianne Schuppe and Daniel Studer, text: Ingrid Fichtner, first performance: October 24 2003 polycollege Stoebergasse, Vienna, AT, Picture: Zeiteinknistern Score

Toccata / Intention I / Intention II / pro intemperiis / intension / obstaculum oder über den Sinn der Hinkelsteine (2003)

6 pieces for recorder & inside-mic, piano with preparations, total ca. 40 min., in collaboration with Hemma Geitzenauer, first performance: March 7 2003 Alte Schmiede Vienna, AT, Picture: Toccata Score

solo 1 (2002)

piano and 4 pickups, ca. 10 min., first performance: Ocotber 8 2002, Stadtinitiative, Vienna, AT by the composer, released on CD "monde", KalK CD 07, 2003, Link: CD

Steinweg (2001)

piano and fixed media stereo, ca. 24 min., comissioned by project "Flügel kommt", Vienna, AT, first performance: September 23 2001 piano workshop Balas Vienna by the composer

Dokandili (2001)

two pianos and fixed media stereo, ca. 20 min., in collaboration with Oskar Aichinger, comissioned by Grabenfesttage Vienna, AT, first performance: June 21 2001 Grabenfesttage, Vienna, AT, by Oskar Aichinger and Katharina Klement

Achtung Baustelle: Musik (2001)

4 instruments/voices/sounding objects ad lib, duration variable, first performance: March 2001 at University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna with pupils of Musikschule Eichgraben, AT

monde (1997/98)

ensemble (4vl, vla, vc, cb, clar, bassclar, perc), fixed media 7-channel and two concrete-mixers, 20 min., comissioned by ORF Austria, first performance: March 28 1998 Festival "Hörgänge" Konzerthaus Vienna by ensemble „die reihe“, released on CD "monde" KalK CD 07, 2003, score available at Musikverlag Alexander Mayer, Links: CD / Picture: Monde

Textur (1997)

piano and fixed media 6-channel, ca. 60 min., first performance: April 18 1997, Stadtinitiative Vienna, AT by the composer, released on CD "Textur", KalK CD 03, 1998, Links: CD / Picture: Textur Score

13 Miniaturen 1993/94

piano and fixed media 8-channel 60 min., first performance of the whole series: University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna 1994 by the composer, Picture: 13 Miniaturen

présence (1992)

for performer with costume and piano, loudspeakers, prerecorded sounds, lightdesign, duration variable, first performance: February 2008, “Wiener Tage der zeitgenoessischen Klaviermusik 2008”, University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna, AT, by Eva Banholzer

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